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How we differ from other service centers

We provide the cheapest laptop repair in Malad. We use original software. When original software is used, your device will not crash or hang repeatedly, 

Here at Laptop Service Center Malad Mumbai, we don't just provide repair services, we also teach customers preventive techniques and laptop care for their devices.

windows 10 slow laptop service center malad


20H1, 20H2, 21H1 and 21H2 are the faulty windows version they have lot of bugs. Laptop Running very slow after the windows 10 21H2 update, System freezes for a long time at startup or windows 10 not responding mouse clicks.

Here at laptop service center malad We recommend using windowds version 1803 for full performance of your computer.

HOME SERVICE REMOTE DESKTOP SUPPORT Laptop service center mumbai


Slow personal computers.

Virus encountered. 

Email triggering issues / Email setup.

Installation of Anti-virus. 

Printer installation and connectivity problem.

Computer hanging problem. 

Webcam not working problem. 

Disk spikes, CPU spikes.

Laptop service center malad mumbai water damage help

My laptop does not turn on, What caused this ?

1. Faulty wiring and bad power circuits

2. Power surge through Lightening

3. Power surge caused by large power appliances like Refrigerators, Air conditioners, Microwaves and water heaters, Clothes              iron

4.    Keyboard was in shorting state and it was not replaced or disconnected in time. This sends a shorting to the logic board                 (Motherboard) and destroys the IC chips on board).

5.    Laptop was dropped. Dropping a device down can displace IC chips on it and can result in disconnection from board.

6.    Overheating can damage processor. Overheating can happen when Laptop is not services for dust removal and thermal                 paste replacement. When dust is not removed, it can clog the CPU fan, jamming it. When the CPU fan is jammed, it is unable         to send cool air to the processor, and the processor gets hot and gets damaged and also damaging surrounding ICS with it.

7.    Liquid Damage can cause shorting to motherboard. Liquid damage can happen by spills or by atmosphere moisture. 

Power surges, spikes and lightning are not the only reason that can damage your household electronic equipment. 

Just a simple turn on and turn off can also create electrical imbalances that cause cumulative, permanent damage to your computer, peripherals, other electronic equipment.

To see how we diagnose and repair a laptop which does not turn on, click on the link below.

Dead laptop repair process in our shop.

At Laptop service center malad mumbai, we use state of the art top quality surge protector which offers complete protection from power surges and spikes.

Laptop service center malad mumbai operating system


Laptop Service Center Malad Mumbai would like to advise you that in case you are facing the below issues, it is most likely that you are working a faulty version of windows.

1. Wireless not working

2. Unable to print

3. Sound not working 

4.     Mic not working

5. Display issues

6. Windows crashing with blue screen 

7. Laptop stuck in cyclical loop and keeps restarting

8. Laptop running slow

9. Laptop not booting into windows

10. Slow laptop shut down

11. Applications are incompatible

12.  Camera not working 

Here at Laptop service center Malad, we recommend Windows 7 Pro 64 bit  and Windows 10 Pro 64 bit . And we do the quickest Laptop format in Malad.

Please see below faulty operating system:

1.   Windows Xp (End of support by Microsoft)

2.   Windows Vista (End of support by Microsoft)

3.   Windows 7 Ultimate (Originally developed for corporate but failed testing drivers Incompatible)

4.   Windows 8, 8.1 (Developed for touch screen but driver and application incompatible and OS is slow)

5.   Windows 10 Home  (Developed for touch screen but driver and application incompatible and OS is slow)

Laptop service center Malad malware


  1. CC Cleaner : CC Cleaner is been hacked to contain malware and sends your information outside.                                Reference : Click HERE to learn more
  2. Opera Browser Virus : Opera Browser is considered PUA - Potentially Unwanted Application. It promotes unwanted applications.
  3. Segurazo : Segurazo  is considered PUP - Potentially Unwanted Progrm. It promotes unwanted applications.
  4. McAfee : McAfee is an antivirus scanner but, along with the security it provides, Several threats easly pass through, it also slows down your computer.
  5. Chrome Extentions : They can be quite dangerours since they can access your passwords and leak information online. They are a privacy threat.
  6. Chromium : The Chromium virus is a malicious web browser that is created using the Chromium code. It is able to overwrite the Chrome browser and replace the original shortcuts with fake ones.
  7. Net Protector : Net Protector does not defend from anti spyware attacks. It consumes your data and makes the laptop slow. 
  8. 360 Total Security : 360 Total Security is a dangerous malware designed to destablize the operating system.
  9. Avast : In the news AVAST is indeed malware. Probably the worst anti-virus scandal in the history.
  10. Quick Heal : Several viruses and malware easily pass through this software. It doesn't deliver as promised.
  11. BIt Defender: The antivirus does not protect device properly. Several threats easly pass through. Eventually slows downs your device.
  12. AVG : Stay away from AVG!! It hijacks your computer and uninstalling is a nightmare. Almost impossible short of having to reformat your computer.
  13. :Ransomeware : Ransomware is a type of malicious software that infects a computer and restricts users access to it until a ransom is paid to unlock it.
Laptop recycle malad


Laptop service center malad mumbai is ready to trade-in your old laptop for a new one or give you cash if you prefer.

plugged not charging laptop service center malad


In this case we need to do a four point service check 1.Charger maybe faulty 2.Battery may be faulty 3.Logicboard may be faulty 4.Charging ic may be faulty Here at Laptop service center malad mumbai  we follow a repair process to a tee.

blue screen of death laptop service center malad


The blue screen error pop-ups either due to software issue or hardware issue.

1. We start with the least invasive method by checking software first and if it does'nt work with software, then we go to for hardware check.

2. It indicates a system crash, in which the operating system or hardware of the computer has reached failing state.

Laptop service center malad mumbai antivirus


If you are using an apple device you do not need antivirus software

An Antivirus solution is best installed right after your computer has been formatted. It acts as a security guard. It takes a snapshot of the files that are already inside your system and then it keeps a look out for strange behavior caused during installations and captures the process and infecting file source and quarantines it, where it can do no more harm. So ideally when your computer gets infected, if you install an antivirus solution after that, it will not make much difference. It needs to be formatted first. As soon as a computer is formatted, Antivirus needs to be installed right away, failure to do so will leave the device open to threats and viral infection. If you have decided to backup content prior to formatting, all backups and USB drives need to be scanned for viruses and threats so as not to reinfect the system by copying the data content once more. Antivirus software should not consume excessive memory. Anti-Virus should not be intrusive and it must not disturb the user. 

Here at Laptop service center Malad Mumbai we install tested anti virus software that will keep your systems safe.

Do not buy a new laptop

Why not to buy a new laptop

1. Riveted keyboard The old laptop keyboards have only two screws, but now the new laptop keyboards have 100 rivets which takes 6-7 hours to replace using a soldering iron. Authorized service centers charge 20,000 to replace riveted keyboard since they change the whole top body.

2. Batteries have become sealed components. In new laptops, the battery is not removable. The new battries which come in part centers do not match and thus are non replaceable.

3. Memory Ram is soldered on motherboard in new laptops-The RAM is fixed on board due to which it is not possible to replace a faulty ram nor upgrade it. On older laptops ram upgrade and replacement is much easier.

4. Data cannot be recovered.

5. Hard disk is soldered on motherboard in new laptops. In order to upgrade, the motherboard will have to be changed which has the same price as compared to a new laptop.

6. Hinges have become more succeptable to damage. The older laptop hinges were much stronger.

7. Keyboards are more succeptable to liquid damage. They get affected by moisture more easily. 

8. Power button has been incorporated in the keyboard of new laptops. Thus, if the keyboard gets spoilt you cannot switch on the laptop.

9. On touch screen laptops, bezel has been removed. This makes it difficult to replace the screen. Since the touchscreen has been glued to the back body.

10. Hinge frame has beenremoved. When the hinge frame is removed the screen breaks easily because it pushes the screen outside and the screen is not held by the hinge frame anymore.

11. Processor power has dropped in new laptops need to be atleast above 2.0Ghz. Processor speed lower then that will not be able to support current day applications like zoom, microsoft teams, google meet.

12. Authorised Service centers do not cover warranty of any part that has been damaged by power surge, moisture or by impact damage.

13. The new motherboard are very sensitive to power fluctuations and get damaged easily.

Keyboard keys being pressed

Why is my keyboard behaving weird

Is your keyboard is doing any of the below

1. One or a few keys is being pressed repeatedly

2. One or a few keys don't work

3. My browser is auto scrolling. 

4. Beeping sound at startup

These are all signs of shorting on your laptop. This is not a mechanical failure of your keyboard, but of a moisture damage. Moisture damage is caused either by a liquid spill, humidity(atmospheric moisture) in the air or rain. If this is not acted upon as soon as possible, the shorting will damage the motherboard and cause it to go dead.

Here at Laptop service center Malad Mumbai  we not only fix the shorting and replace the keyboards, we also teach prevention and offer a moisture prevention kit to prevent recurrence.

GET A COMBO OFFER OF WINDOWS PLUS OFFICE PLUS ANTIVIRUS Visit to get an entire package combo for an excellent deal here at our center.

Here at Laptop service center Malad Mumbai we offer you a complete package.

HDD utilization spike


If the disk utilization is spiking at 100%, this will slow down your computer and cause permanent disk damage.

Disk utilization spikes are caused by either viruses, pirated OS or failed operating system updates.

Here at Laptop service center Malad Mumbai, we  fix Disk utilization issues.

cpu utilization spike


If the CPU usage spikes upto 100%, this will overheat and burn your processor and motherboard. Disk can also be damaged in this process.

CPU spikes are caused by either viruses, pirated OS or failed operating system updates.

Here at Laptop service center Malad Mumbai, We  fix CPU utilization issues.

Laptop service center AMD

AMD Processor Overheating

We never recommend a customer to buy AMD processor due to overheating issues. It is was not designed for India but meant for colder countries in europe, etc.

Here at the Laptop service center Malad, we update our customers on how they should care and protect their devices.

Laptop service center without battery


Unlike a mobile phone, you can use your laptop without its battery. Yes, you can run your laptop without battery but you need to keep your charger plugged in. But you must know, that if you were to unplug your laptop when the battery is dead or there is no battery, you will damage your hardisk.

Here at the Laptop service center Malad, we update our customers on how they should take care and use their devices to fully utilize their potentials


do not use laptop on bed


All the laptop air vents get blocked. This will cause your laptop to heat up and burn your motherboard.
Always use your laptop on a flat surface like a table or a desk to prevent it from heating up.

Hinges are also succeptable to damage when not used on a flat surface.

Hard Disk also get damaged.

Here at Laptop service center Malad Mumbai, we teach customers how to care for their laptops.

Laptop in hand


Carrying your laptop while it is on can result in below issues:

1. Screen : Loss of Display Screen can get broken or display can stop working.

2. Hardive Damage : Do not carry your laptop in bag while its on. Always shut it down to prevent damage to the hard-drive resulting in data loss. Hard disk head spins at 5400 revolution per minute. The disk head reader oscillates 44 times in one second. Moving a hard disk while it on can either damage the disk head or the disk head reader.

3. Hinge Damage : Carrying the laptop with lid open can cause hinge damage. When hinge is breaks the nuts and screws get loose and fall on the motherboard csuing it to go dead.

Here at Laptop service center Malad Mumbai, we also teach prevention for your laptop all for free of cost ideas to prevent damage and extend the life of your laptop.

Laptop on sleep mode

do not leave your computer on sleep mode.

IT team’s first question when a problem with a device is reported is often, “have you tried restarting your computer?” or “have you tried turning it off and on again?” It’s easy to get offended when this question is asked, but the truth is that many problems can be resolved by a simple reboot. In fact, the longer you leave your computer on without restarting it or shutting it down, the more likely it is to start experiencing issues. 

Do not carry your laptop while it is running, especially sideways. Since your hard disk is running at 5400 revolutions per minute, it will get damaged, since the head of the disk is supposed to be spinning horizontally, and cannot spin vertically.

As a general rule, computer should be shut down every night to achieve their best performance. Note that a computer going into sleep mode is not the same as being shut down; there are still processes running in the background while it’s in sleep mode. Restarting or shutting down the computer clears all running processes thus freeing up the memory, allowing the PC to run faster.

Here at Laptop service center Malad Mumbai, we also teach prevention for your laptop all for free of cost ideas to prevent damage and extend the life of your laptop.


This indicates the CPU power panel is not working and needs to be replaced. This is best done by an experienced and trained professional. 

Here at Laptop service center Malad Mumbai we do CPU power panel replacement.

Laptop service center malad mumbai iphone upgrade


We upgrade iphone Storage at our service center at very reasonable price, You can visit us for upgrading your iphone storage from 16GB to 128GB and 32GB to 512GB for a very resonable amount.

Here at Laptop service center Malad Mumbai, We upgrade the storage of all windows and apple devices.

Laptop service center malad mumbai disk partition

Creating partitions will eventually result in Hard disk damage

There is a common misunderstanding that making separate partitions on the disk will avoid data loss in case of a disk failure.

When a disk fails, windows becomes inaccessible. Making partitions will result in extensive read write on the disk head . We recommend not to partition drives but to use only one drive partition. This will also reduce your read write imprint on the disk, thus extending its lifetime.

Here at Laptop Service Center we recommend using only one partition.

Laptop service center Malad Mumbai fix liquid damage on laptop

Water fell on my laptop what should i do

In case water has fallen on your laptop please follow the steps below:

1. Disconnect all power sources immediately

2. Unplug the adaptor from the power socket

3. Unplug the charging connector from the laptop

4. Remove the battery from the laptop

5. Dry out any of the water spill from microfiber cloth

6.     Do not turn it on

7. Take to service center immediately for motherboard dehydration

Here at Laptop service center Malad Mumbai , we are specialize in laptop motherboard liquid damage repair.

Laptop service center malad mumbai charging issue


No. You should not drain your laptop battery. A laptop battery has 500 lifecycles. Thus each time you drain it , one cycle gets reduced. Thus, the fewer times you drain it, the longer your battery will last.

Reference : Click Here 

Here at Laptop service center Malad Mumbai we always keep our laptop chargers connected.

Laptop service center malad mumbai processor generations


One must always carefully check the clock speed of the processor of a device before purchasing. The processor is the main component that decides the speed of a computer. 

At Laptop Service Center Malad Mumbai, we offer you advice on how to buy a good laptop. 

Laptop service center malad mumbai hard disk Failure


Hard Shutting down a laptop may cause data corruption in any files being tried to open. A hard disk head reader has two modes: Parking mode and Read-Write mode. When a laptop is safelyshut down, the head reader moves to a parking mode and the PC is turned off. In case a laptop is in this mode and turned off, the reader may still be on the disk. This may get damaged the next time the PC is turned on, since the reader tends to turn left once the laptop is turned on thinking it was in parked state after shutdown.

  Here at Laptop service center malad mumbai , we recommend to never hard shutdown your laptop. Since spinning hard disk subject to wear and tear, we recommend our customers to upgrade their storage to SSD.

Laptop service center malad mumbai centennial light bulb


The Light Bulb Conspiracy shows how planned obsolescence has molded our lives and the economy since the 1920’s. This is when manufacturers purposely started shortening the lives of consumer products to increase demand. This conspiracy stems from the world’s longest lasting light bulb (which has been burning since 1901). Planned obsolescence in industrial design and economics is when the planning or designing of a product is done so that the product has an artificial limited useful life, i.e. the product will become obsolete after a certain period of time. The reasoning for this “strategy” is to generate long-term sales volume by reducing the time between repeat purchases.

Here at Laptop service center malad mumbai , we strive to keep our customers informed of best practices to protect their devices.

Laptop service center malad mumbai riveted keyboard


Riveted keyboards are bothersome to replace. The keyboard is held to the case via a metal plate as well as many plastic posts that come through the keyboard itself that are melt-riveted on. Heat is applied to a bunch of plastic posts that stick up through the keyboard itself and the metal plate and heat is applied to make the post tips mushroom out and hold it all in place. In addition to replacing the keyboard one must remove the motherboard as well.

Here at Laptop service center malad mumbai, we repair riveted keyboards.

Laptop service cenert malad mumbai TPM module

Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

A TPM (Trusted Platform Module) is a computer chip that can store artifacts (passwords, certificates, or encryption keys) securely to authenticate the platform. A TPM can also be used to store platform measurements that help warrant that the platform remains reliable. Authentication and attestation are compulsory steps to guarantee safer computing in all environments. If a TPM module exists on a laptop, it would prevent the installation of Windows 7 64 bit and any other possible downgrades. Too much encryption may prevent data recovery when a system shuts down.

Here atLaptop service center malad mumbai , we recommend laptops without a Trusted Platform Module chip.

Laptop service center malad mumbai dust removal

Dust Removal

Dust blocks air vents, thus overheating and slowness. Overheating can result in motherboard damage. When temperatures inside the computer rise above 35º C (95º F), the risk of damage to important internal components increases. You can help prevent overheating by making sure there is adequate ventilation around the computer, the fan vents are cleaned regularly, and the BIOS is up-to-date.

Here at Laptop service center malad mumbai, We do dust removal from your laptop to keep it in the best condition it can be.

Laptop service center malad mumbai Heatsink thermal paste

Thermal Repair

Is your System overheating or shutting down? Thermal paste lasts one year, renew thermal paste to improve cooling and to prevent damage to the motherboard and laptop in whole.

Here at Laptop service center malad mumbai , we do thermal repairing for your laptop.

Laptop service center Malad mumbai broken hinge

Hinge Repair

The laptop hinge is part of the interface between the laptop screen and the keyboard. It ensures that the screen section stays in place without shaking, wobbling or too tight. Display cable connects to the screen through hinges. Repair the laptop hinges quickly to prevent loss of display.

Here at the Laptop service center , we repair your laptop hinges.

Laptop service center Malad mumbai spilled keyboard

Is your Keyboard shorting or not working?

There are many possible reasons for a laptop keyboard to not work:

  • Keys are stuck down
  • Missing keyboard keys
  • Liquid spill on the keyboard
  • Moisture in the laptop

If you are facing keyboard problems due to these reasons or other reasons do not hesitate to visit the Laptop service center Malad.

Laptop service center Malad mumbai charging issue

The 3 lower power modes on a laptop

Laptops have three low-power level states when not in use; sleeping, hibernating and shut down. When in sleep mode, the laptop shuts down parts of itself but keeps a snapshot of what was being done earlier to get back to it later. When in hibernating mode, the laptop shuts down more portions of itself for a deeper sleep and lesser power. The only main difference noticed is it will take more time to boot up. Shutting down a laptop uses more power in the long-run because the system is more strained during the shutdown and boot up. This is true in older models. In modern models, the newer tech. makes shutdowns go more efficiently. Sleep mode does suck up a bit more power than a laptops that’s been shut down, but the difference is insignificant. Shutting down the laptop may cause data corruption in any files being tried to open. When putting the laptop in these modes, there is a chance it may not start.


Laptop service center Malad mumbai Storage upgrade

can i upgrade my iPhone Storage?

Upgrading an iPhone storage is considered impossible. For other smartphones, increasing their storage capacity usually means the phone supports removable storage like an SD card. With an SD card, you can have some storage built into the phone and then add to it with the removable card. The iPhone doesn't support this (the iPhone is famous for restricting user upgrades to hardware; this may also be related to why its battery isn't user replaceable).

But here at the Laptop service center Malad, we do iPhone storage upgrades. We can upgrade iPhones from 16GB to 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB (Only iPhone 6 and above).

Laptop service center Malad mumbai broken charger repair

Am I using a faulty charger?

Each AC/DC power adapter is specifically designed to accept a certain AC input and convert it to a particular DC output. Likewise, each electronic device is specifically designed to accept a certain DC input. The key is to match the DC output of the adapter to the DC input of your device. Determining the outputs and inputs of your adapters and devices is the hard part.  

The reason why finding out if your charger is faulty is because:

  • The following will cause damage to your device:
    • Reverse polarity
    • Higher voltage adapter than device rating
  • The following will cause harm to your power cord or adapter:
    • Reverse polarity
    • Lower current adapter than device rating
  • The following might not cause damage, but the device will not work properly:
    • Lower voltage adapter than device rating
    • Higher current adapter than device rating

But here at the Laptop service center Malad mumbai, We will check your chargers and tell you if you have a faulty piece.

Laptop service center Malad mumbai Socket tester

Is my wall socket faulty?

Plug sockets, plugs, electrical outlets, power outlets, whatever you choose to call them - they are an essential part of any home, providing constant power to lamps, fridges, TVs and other appliances we couldn’t live without.

Unfortunately, with power sockets often in constant use for years on end with no maintenance, they are prone to damage that may be overlooked. Not addressing damage to a plug socket as it develops can result in power failures, electrical fires and expensive remedial work.

Signs your wall sockets are faulty:

  • Electrics switching off temporarily
  • Heat scorch marks
  • Fuses blowing often
  • Cracks to the power outlet plate
  • Arcing sounds

Here at the Laptop service center Malad mumbai, We have a gadget that checks if your wall socket is faulty or not.

Laptop Repairs

We format laptops, replace screens, Laptop hard disk repair. Laptop ram repair. Laptop Screen repair & replacement. Laptop Service.Battery Not Charging & Replacement. Display hinge repairs.Keyboard repair replacement.Laptop repair. Computer virus, Laptop format in Malad, Laptop Service Center Malad mumbai.

Laptop Upgrade

Laptop Hard disk upgrade. Laptop Ram upgrade. Laptop Keyboard upgrade. Laptop Battery upgrade. Laptop WiFi Card upgrade. Laptop screen replacement, Laptop Service Center Malad mumbai

Laptop Accessories

External Hard disk. Wireless Mouse. USB Mouse. Laptop Charger, laptop battery, Laptop Service Center Malad mumbai

Mobile Repair

Cheapest Mobile screen replacement, mobile screen repair, mobile battery replacement, mobile not charging, mobile charger, Laptop Service Center Malad mumbai

Printer Repair

Cartridge refilling, Printer head repair, Cartridge replacement. 

Our laptops service center provides the cheapest Laptop repair and Laptop format in Malad and the cheapest IT Service in Mumbai. Our mobile service center provides the cheapest mobile repair in Orlem Malad West and the cheapest mobile repair in Mumbai. Our laptops service center is experienced and a reliable IT support company that deals with IT service in Mumbai . Our computer repair specialists are ready to take your request. We provide IT support for offices, businesses and residential customers. Our computer services include laptop repair, PC support, mobile repair, Printers, Network cabling and wiring, Data recovery and CCTV setup.

Here at Laptop Service Center Malad, We repair Printer and Scanners.

Laptop service center Malad Mumbai we do all Repair Activities of laptop and desktop at malad.
• Best Laptop Repair
• Keyboard replacement
• Motherboard replacement
• Motherboard repairs
• Monitor replacement
• Computer Motherboard Repair
• Laptop Repair
• Laptop Screen Replacement
• Computer Repair
• Home computer services
• Onsite Computer Repair
• Onsite computer repair services
• PC Repair
• New computer setup
• New computer data transfer
• Windows Operating System Repair
• Windows Installation
• PC Installation
• Windows OS repair
• Windows OS Troubleshooting

Laptop Service Center Malad performs all above repair.

Laptop service center Malad Mumbai repair Hardware parts of laptop, pc & MObiles phones
• Computer upgrades
• Custom Gaming Computer
• Custom Builders
• Motherboard
• Motherboard repair
• Computer motherboard repair
• Laptop Keyboard Replacement
• Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop Service Center Malad, Teaches prevention for electronic devices like Laptop, Computers and T.V's

Laptop service center Malad Mumbai also does mobile repair

• Mobile screen replacements
• Mobile glass replacementsk
• Mobile glass repairs
• Mobile speaker repair
• Mobile mic repair
• Mobile touch repair
• Mobile camera repair

Laptop service center Malad Mumbai sells Refurbished computers

Computer recycling
Free Computer recycling

Virus Removal Expert
Malware removal
Malware removal expert
Ransomware removal
Virus Removal
Virus Removal Expert

Here at Laptop service center Malad Mumbai, we take care of customer data to keep it private.

data backup and data recovery is done by Laptop service center Malad Mumbai

• Backup solutions
• Computer Backup
• Computer Backup and data recovery services
• Data Backup
• Data Backup Expert
• Data backup solutions
• Data Recovery
• Data recovery services

onsite support and home and office based computer repair-

  *Done here at Laptop service center Malad Mumbai.
• New computer sales
• New computer setup
• At home computer setup
• At home new computer setup

WE repair Motherboard in Laptop service center Malad Mumbai

• Computer upgrades
• Custom Gaming Computer
• Laptop motherboard repair
• Motherboard
• Motherboard repair
• Computer motherboard repair
• Laptop Keyboard Replacement
• Laptop Screen Replacement

wireless and wired networking is DOne by Laptop service center Malad Mumbai

  • WiFi
  • Wireless and wired networking
  • Wireless Network (WiFi) Setup
  • Wireless Network Setup
  • Wireless Networking
  • Wired Networking
  • Wireless Network Installation
  • Internet Services
  • Internet Installation
  • WiFi Systems Setup

Laptop service center Malad Mumbai, Repair all above mentioned problems at very affordable price at our center in Malad.